Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Escorting Principles

"An intelligent Independent escorts in Bangalore has plans and a wise Independent escorts has her own principles and living the life of an escort is living and accepting the truth "

"We escorts get guided by our thoughts and we develop our selves to be more positive and the positivism in us energize us to be better human beings and change our thoughts to be more productive"

We do not have any curriculum or syllabus to follow as in our career as escorts and we do have our seniors in our team as our mentors who guide us momentarily to live an escorting life with fulfillment.

We escorts value our business of escorting and do have our principles in the escorting career and we escorts live with great ambition and with a good character and those Independent escorts endowed with both principle and character are those who are successful escorts in the business of escorting.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore strongly believe there is no wealth without hard labor and no pleasure comes without conscience intention and there is no Knowledge without good character and no Commerce without morality and there is no Science without humanity into consideration and no Worship without sacrifice and for that matter of concern there is no Politics or political party without principle and we Independent escorts in Bangalore live with a principle.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore believe our principles are not faith and we do not solely gamble on the science and reasoning capacity bestowed on us rather there are sufficient other factors and we do not trust anything that contradicts science or outrages reason and we Independent escorts in Bangalore may differ on many things and we do respect honesty in the pursuit of ideas and we live within our world of escorting with our own set of rules and principles.

We understand what fate had bestowed on us and we are not here to alter the winds direction and we abide by the rules of the nature and we live with the coarse of wind and in its passage and we do not revolt against mother nature who had willingly let us to the job of escorting.

The world is a stage
And we are all set actors by Mother Nature

This world is a stage
And the auditorium is where we act
And all the men and women are merely players;
And each of us have our roles to play
And today I play escort and you play client
And we do have our entrances and exists separately
And we abide by the directors voice.

Mother Nature had dictated our services and had directed us to do specif tasks in our short span of our life and we ensure we play as per guidelines given and we can control our final destination in our life as escorts but not our fate and it is an one way Road and the road is sealed and we as escorts may not afford to alter the road we were supposed to take and our destiny is to fulfill what we focus and do more intently in our career as escorts and we choose to focus and be in clarity of our role in life where we understand god had given us a wonderful and joyous life to nourish.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore love to cater to people who wanted to bear a smile in their life we gather all our strength from the distress we had been through and grow brave by reflecting our selves in the mirror and we are firm in our heart and we as escorts do approve our conduct of escorting with our full conscience and are pursuing the escorting career till we deflower our femininity.
​Life for the Independent Escorts in Bangalore is ardadamantine.We Escorts in Bangalore are on our feet and knees for our daily bread and butter.

We Escorts in Bangalore just roll on with a new connoisseur for today to the next debonair in anticipation and go with the each passing day with prescience Utopia.

An Escorts in Bangalore gets paid for skillfully educating and satisfying a satyriasis and a Doctor gets paid for curing his patient and there is no much difference in the services offered by an escort or a Doctor.A Doctor cares for his patient and an escort ensures atonement with her client.An escort earns her Money with her self being the product for sale She is in the business of escorting providing Pleasure without conscience.An escort inherits a character that has bound less Knowledge and experience.​ Escorting Business is by all means a necessity to this society.

An Independent Escorts in Bangalore cries for Words of encouragement to her self-depreciated soul and her depreciating business.Her value gets depreciated by every passing day. for a Man comes at a premium rate and the man strips an escort to attain the euphoria and beatitude in his life.
An interloper

A Wanderer

A Squatter

A Drifter

A Satyrias

is comes with all his fantasy to cradle an escort with anticipation of satisfaction which is only ephemeral.Critics savour the escorting business and lobbyist politicise the prostitution business for their own egomaniacs and narcissistical necessity.

An Independent Escorts in Bangalore never enjoys her naked predicament but being the only option for having good life style she gets adapted and fulfilled with a life of pain locked within her self.

An Independent Escorts in Bangaloreis just another slave in this world catering to an au-courant debonair and a new connoisseur on a daily basis.